Sunday, 31 May 2015

So Beautiful - Night Lights

More new images have just been released by Krista Smith, the talented artist of Saturated Canary.  One in particular which caught my eye was "Night Lights".  I have only coloured part of the image here but I have also provided the link to the store where you can view the entire image.
I loved the detail in her face and hair that I wanted to print her bigger and give more attention to the detail.  I have added a background through Picmonkey, where I add my watermark.

Thursday, 28 May 2015

More Slinky Tart Pinup Art

Another new image added to the store this week.  Here is my colouring of "Mahalo".  I really adore this hawaiin beauty and her gorgeous parrot.  Oh to be somewhere tropical like this right now, I can only dream :)

I have added a background through Picmonkey.

Monday, 25 May 2015

New Slinky Tart image ........ I'm in love

Boy have I been having fun colouring some of the new Slinky Tart images.  They are amaaaaaazing to say the least.  Today I am introducing "Vainity".  I think I am totally addicted to Pinup Art thanks to the artist Tamara van Wijk.
I initially struggled as to where this little Slinky would look best, and then it dawned on me, PARIS !!!!  She is too glamorous to be any where else.  Really do love this image.  I'm looking forward to colouring her again in different colours.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

DT Inspiration Slinky Tart - 22 May 2015

Hi everyone.  Boy these Friday's are popping around way too fast.  But today I get to showcase the funky musical digital image called "Cat Sixx".  She is so super cool with her electric guitar, I just adore her.

Now for the technical part of my card lol.  Again my card is pretty CAS (Clean and Simple) and other than mounting her on some appropriately coloured cardstock and patterened paper, in addition to adding some gold thin washi tape (from Close to My Heart) and glueing on some musical embellishments, the image needs nothing more.  So nothing technical here (actually I am never technical to be honest).

A great image for that teenager or musically minded friend.  I love her whole look with her tattoo and her top falling off her shoulder, she's totally rad :)  (I'm trying to sound a lot younger here).

She is available for purchase and instant download from the Slinky Tart Store.  You will find a link on the right hand side of my blog :)
And below I have showcased her with a musical background through Picmonkey.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Super Hero Slinkies to the Rescue

This week, Slinky Tart released a brand new image called "Super Spandex".  I had the honour of colouring her for the artists shop and I gotta say I do love the end result.  I wanted to go for a Captain Americal look but she also looks a little like Wonder Woman :)
And then the following night I remembered I hadn't coloured this fab imaged called "The Cat's Meow" also from Slinky Tart.  I thought she also had Super Hero qualities a bit like Cat Woman. 
And then I started playing some more and this is what happened ha ha.
It looks like a battle of the slinkies.  I'm not sure who would come out on top but I think they look great paired together.
Anyway, these are both great images and are fun to colour.  These will make great cards for that Super Hero, Super Friend, Super Mum etc.

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Some new Saturated Canary girls ...

 Late last week I received my copy of Issue 56 of the Complete Cardmaking Magazine.  I ordered this online as Krista Smith on occassion releases new images on a CD-Rom with other brands/images/patterned paper etc.  Krista has released an amazing 9 new images.  I believe this Magazine is now sold out.
Today I would like to showcase Vintage Swim .  I adore this image.  She is so elegant and such a breeze to colour.  Those eyes and that gorgeous little waist.  I think I could be partial to colouring this one quite a few times.  I think she will make a lovely card. 
I have added a background through Picmonkey just to set the scene.

This next image is Wine O'Clock also from the Complete Cardmaking Magazine.  Again, another versatile image that will be useful in making cards for our gal pals. 

I mean to say, who doesn't need a little drop of wine from time to time :)

A Little Gardening ...

Today I would like to share a brand new image from Slinky Tart called "A Little Dirt Never Hurt".  I asked Tamara if I could colour this one for her store as I just loved her when Tamara was still at the drawing stage (sometimes Tamara will give us a little peak of images she is working on).  Once she was inked, I was ready to colour.

I have added a background through Picmonkey, just because she needed to belong somewhere in the garden.  She is a beauty and another ideal image for our card and papercraft projects.

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Jasmine Becket-Griffith

I have stepped outside of my comfort zone with a gorgeous clear rubber stamp from Jasmine Becket-Griffith.
I first came to know of this artist some months ago and I boutght this book for myself as I just love Jasmine's art.  The eyes on her paintings are just mesmerizing.  The name of the book is Strangeling. 
The name of the image I've coloured is "Fairy with a Butterfly Mask" from
I wanted her to look mysterious and dark, which is a bit of a trademark with Jasmine's work.
I used Jasmine's book as a bit of inspiration to try and capture "that look".
Watermark and background added through Picmonkey.

Thursday, 7 May 2015

DT Inspiration Slinky Tart - 8 May 2015

This week for my DT Slinky Inspiration, I would like to introduce Narissa, the ever so gorgeous mermaid.  I remember when Tamara first asked me to colour her, I couldn't wait.  Let's say I love mermaids, hence the tattoo on my arm.  Maybe it's a Piscean thing for me.
My card using Narissa is very clean and simple with a focus on the pearls from her back.  A little bit of embossing and some texture over the corner and I thought that's all she needed as she stands out on her own.
I experimented a little with her bottom half by dotting, dabbing, blending etc and then brushed my Colourless Blender in a criss-cross format over the sections where the light was reflecting - very technical wording I am using today lol.
 I opted for a more greyish skin tone with this little lovely and I really love how her eyes stand out.  Narissa is one of my faves if I do say so myself.

(Again, I coloured this little beauty some time ago before noting my Copic Combos so I do apologise in advance if you were wanting to know them).
And to give you a different look of Narissa, here is my colouring of her in the Slinky Tart Store and then with an underwater background :)

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

One for Trudie

Today I am showcasing the image "Trudie's Tribute" from Slinky Tart.  She is an ultra cool, roller skating chick who wants to swan down the boulevard in her cheeky outfit.  Not to mention blowing bubbles with her gum.  Trudie is epic :)
If I looked like Trudie, I'd probably wear that outfit too and skate my way to awesomeness lol.
If you want to purchase and colour Trudie too, the link to the shop is on the right hand side :)
Watermark and background added through Picmonkey

I think someone is feeling a little cranky ...

Today I am sharing my colouring of a fabulous new image from Slinky Tart called
"So Annoyed....times 8".
I think the Octopus is looking a little cranky lol.
I got so hung up in my colouring and entered the zone of no distractions from my kids that I forgot to right down my colour combinations.
And whilst it may be difficult to see in the photo, I have used liquid glass on her diving mask and added water droplets to the octopus and shark fin, as well as the ripples in the water around her legs.  I have used liquid pearls in a gold/yellow colour as the tentacles.
She is a striking image to colour, really like this one.
(I added my watermark and background thru Picmonkey)

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Trying something new .....

Today, I coloured my very first digital image from Jeremiah Ketner called "Mid Afternoon".  I just adored this image when I found her on a craft page as a mixed media project.
I have coloured this image with Copic markers, but to list my colour combos would be crazy.  I think I used about 8-10 different browns and blondes to get the desired look - it was one big experiment.
After I placed my watermark on my finished colouring, I played with my colour filters and she became a little monochromatic and I loved the effect.
If you love the art of Jeremiah Ketner, you can find him on facebook.  To purchase his digital images on Etsy follow the link here: