Thursday, 13 August 2015

Loving that Cocktail ......

Today I am showcasing a brand new image I have coloured for the Slinky Tart store.  Welcome "Stacey" to the collection of amazing images.
(My background is added through Picmonkey)
This artwork was a commissioned piece for the Artist's friend, named Stacey. 
She looks as though she is having a fab time and I really would like to jump in that cocktail :)

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

A couple of remakes ........ from Slinky Tart

Hi fellow bloggers,
Today I am showcasing two images that have undergone some minor cosmetic surgery and boy have they come up a treat.
Slinky Tart is the new creation from what used to be called The Stamping Chef.  The artist Tamara van Wijk has a huge collection of her older stamps which she is now giving the Slinky Touch too (not all, just some).
For example:  Here is the older version of "Milkshake Anyone?"
And here is my finished piece with the newly modified image using a background from Picmonkey.  I must say I am really fond of this image, she will make a great card.
The second image is "Happy Birthday Mr. President".
And here is the new re-created Slinky image with my Marilyn inspired colouring (with a subtle background) :)
Thanks for stopping by.  Stay tuned for more Slinky fun.

Monday, 3 August 2015

Culinary Claire 2.0

Hi all.  Today I am showcasing two colourings of the same image that was being trialled/considered for a particular Slinky Tart project.  Now that this project has taken off in a different direction, I can now place them on my blog.
This image is called Culinary Claire 2.0.  She was one of the first Slinky images to enter the Slinky Tart shop.  It's interesting how different the same image can look coloured differently.  I think I prefer the image with the strawberry red hair, hanging out in her kitchen :)

Saturday, 1 August 2015

New Slinky Tart Colouring Book

Hi everyone.  Tonight I am really excited to announce that my friend Tamara van Wijk, the owner and artist of Slinky Tart has just released her very first Colouring Book, Volume 1.

Here is the cover of her Colouring Book which she has called "The Naughty colouring book for Adults ....... and men" lol.  Her images inside are just amazing and contain all my favourites from her collection.

If I may take a little moment (to have a little brag), I was really fortunate that Tamara asked to use my colouring of her fabulous image called "Super Spandex".  I feel really honoured to have been part of her project.  Sometimes I can't believe that my little colouring hobbie has linked me to some amazing people all around the world and we share the love and therapy of colouring and crafting together.  Can't believe I only found my passion in this area some 4 years ago.

The Colouring book will be available through Amazon next week and she has also released her book in Createspace here at: .

I will update my blog regularly with any new links to how you can grab or download a copy of this wonderful Colouring Book.

Grab your pencils, crayons, Copics or whatever it is you love to colour with as I'm sure you'll have loads of fun bringing these pin-up images to life.

I have coloured many of Tamara's images so if you browse through my blog you will find some colouring inspiration.

Creative and colouring hugs xxxxx Denise