Thursday, 7 May 2015

DT Inspiration Slinky Tart - 8 May 2015

This week for my DT Slinky Inspiration, I would like to introduce Narissa, the ever so gorgeous mermaid.  I remember when Tamara first asked me to colour her, I couldn't wait.  Let's say I love mermaids, hence the tattoo on my arm.  Maybe it's a Piscean thing for me.
My card using Narissa is very clean and simple with a focus on the pearls from her back.  A little bit of embossing and some texture over the corner and I thought that's all she needed as she stands out on her own.
I experimented a little with her bottom half by dotting, dabbing, blending etc and then brushed my Colourless Blender in a criss-cross format over the sections where the light was reflecting - very technical wording I am using today lol.
 I opted for a more greyish skin tone with this little lovely and I really love how her eyes stand out.  Narissa is one of my faves if I do say so myself.

(Again, I coloured this little beauty some time ago before noting my Copic Combos so I do apologise in advance if you were wanting to know them).
And to give you a different look of Narissa, here is my colouring of her in the Slinky Tart Store and then with an underwater background :)

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  1. Love all your work Denise,every card is just out of this world,your coloring is superb,see why you're on the DT,then matching it with a fab background