Monday, 26 January 2015

Slinky Tart

Slinky Tart is the new brand formerly known as "The Stamping Chef".  If you love to colour up smexy pin ups, then Slinky Tart is for you :)  The artist is the amazing Tamara van Wijk.  I am stoked that I get to colour Tamara's images to help showcase her art and promote her store :)  Check the store out frequently to see an amazing growing collection of smexy art -

And whilst the web page is under development, I am stoked that one of my colourings has made the temporary position as the cover of the web page/shop.  I do love how she turned out.  One of my absolutely favourite colourings.

Here are my colourings before Tamara places them in her Slinky Tart shop as an example of her image once coloured.

(This image has since been retired)


  1. Just found these!!! I bought several and made my first card with them!!! I'm in love!!! I can't wait for the full website and maybe a Facebook page? So fun!!!

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  3. Hey Denise
    I have just found your Image on line and LOVE LOVE LOVE them; and would love to be able to buy them if that's ok
    look forward in hearing from you
    thanks Briar